Deep Dive into HTML5 Canvas

My MIX11 talk, Deep Dive into HTML5 <canvas>, is now available online for viewing on the Channel 9 MSDN site.

The topics covered in this talk are:

  • What is Canvas and when to use it?
  • Drawing Model
  • Security Model
  • Accessibility features
  • Interoperability differences between browsers
  • Best practices for coding and performance

MIX11: Deep Dive into HTML5 <canvas> session


MIX 2011

I will be giving a talk about HTML5 Canvas at this year’s MIX11 conference – tune into the webcast. I will share details after the talk.

Deep Dive Into HTML5 <canvas>

Breakers H
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
Wed, Apr 13 11:30 AM12:30 PM

If you’ve seen the demos for Internet Explorer 9’s hardware accelerated graphics, you are probably excited to learn the details of HTML5 Canvas. With all major browsers supporting HTML5 Canvas, a scriptable 2D drawing context, Canvas is quickly becoming the natural choice for graphics on the web.  In this session, you will learn advanced Canvas concepts (including the origin-clean security and the Canvas Drawing Model), understand when to use Canvas versus SVG and get a deeper look at how the Internet Explorer team solved interoperability issues as we implemented the specification. You will learn to build HTML5 Canvas websites through best practices and lots of code samples.