W3C Web Performance Workshop

In this IE Blog article, I discuss the W3C Web Performance Workshop:

The W3C Web Performance Working Group is looking for new use cases and performance issues to solve in its next chartered period. To that effect, the Working Group is holding a public workshop on November 8, 2012, in Mountain View, CA where performance experts and Web developers are invited to present ideas and discuss current challenges. Statements of interest will be the basis of the discussion at the Workshop and must be submitted by October 29th to this mailing list.

Fast HTML5 Web applications benefit consumers who browse the Web and developers building innovative new experiences. Just over two years ago, the W3C announced the formation of the Web Performance Working Group chartered with two goals: making it easier to measure and understand the performance characteristics of Web applications and defining interoperable methods to write more CPU- and power-efficient applications.

Over the course of these two years, together with Google, Mozilla, Facebook, and other industry and community leaders who participate in the W3C Web Performance Working Group, the working group has designed and standardized eight interfaces that are now widely adopted in modern HTML5-enabled browsers: Navigation Timing, Resource Timing, User Timing, Performance Timeline, Page Visibility, Timing control for script-based animations, High Resolution Time and Efficient Script Yielding. These APIs are supported in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, and are great examples of how quickly new ideas can become interoperable standards that developers can depend.

If you are interested in sharing feedback to the Working Group and cannot attend the workshop, you can do so by completing this survey. The deadline for the survey is November 2nd.

Thanks, — Jatinder Mann, Program Manager, Internet Explorer